End of All Music

March 17, 2015
Posted by:
David Swider

Music & Arts

David SwiderMy name is David Swider and I own a record shop in Oxford, Mississippi, called The End of All Music.  We specialize in new and used vinyl records as well as turntables, CDs, and other music-related items.  The End of All Music opened in March 2012.  Oxford, also the home of Ole Miss, is the perfect town for a business like The End of All Music.  Record stores, in my opinion, go hand and hand with a town’s art and music scene--and Oxford thrives in both of those areas.  I’d like to think our shop isn’t just another storefront but rather a hub where like-minded individuals get together to discuss new records,
 local bands, concerts, and the like.  I see all walks of life come through our doors--students, grandparents,   high school and junior high kids, young sunrise professionals.  I get asked all the time, “why vinyl?” That’s a debate we could
talk about for hours. I think it really boils down to preference and appreciation for something tangible.  There’s nothing better than holding a record in your hand.  CDs, MP3s, streaming, cassettes, etc. just don’t match the experience of listening to and owning vinyl records. Vinyl is the only medium to outlast all the others.  It’s not a perfect format but it’s as close as it gets.  It’s not a bad investment either. 

Mississippi’s creative economy thrives due to the fact Mississippi has such a rich cultural history from the Blues to agriculture to food to literature. The ties folks have to Mississippi are crazy when you look at some of the most important music and art to be produced ...ever... in the history of the world.  Mississippi is right there. Oxford is also a very liberal arts based town with Ole Miss being such an integral part of the town’s dynamic.  We have the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, Square Books, Rowan Oak, and lots of resident artists and musicians that make the town what it is.  All of these factors contribute to the success of The End of All Music.  I hope we can add to that list and help to maintain the lifestyle in which Oxford is so well known.


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