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The following is a guest post from Talamieka Brice of Brice Media, and serves to demonstrate her voice as a member of Mississippi’s Creative Economy. For more information on the Creative Economy, see


The first story I ever illustrated was my own. My tools of choice were crayon and construction paper. Growing up in the small knit community of Kilmichael, imagination was my favorite friend. Schoolmates and I gathered at days end and proudly displayed our masterpieces. We challenged each other to do ‘cooler’ drawings and soaked up our education in the Mississippi sun.

Years passed and more of us traded our crayons for pencils or put them down altogether. We found other ways to tell our stories. We wore colorful outfits and crazy hair. We expressed ourselves in all shades and hues, our collective as colorful as the crayons we once held. Our uniqueness like my name, Talamieka, became a proud part of our identities.

When the chapter of high school came to an end, I accepted an academic scholarship to Jackson State University. There I met fellow artist, Charles Brice. He became my husband, an awesome father to our child and my business partner in Brice Media.

Brice Media was created on the battlefields of Afghanistan. After a day of fighting and years of witnessing and photographing death and destruction, Charles, then a U.S. Army photojournalist, had a deep desire to tell a different story of the living.

Together we used the tools that we had to craft a new chapter a new journey into our lives together. Through photography, graphic design and web design, we’ve created international award winning visual stories for our clients. We’ve worked for legendary jazz artist Cassandra Wilson, the U.S. Wheelchair Fencing Team, Belk, Mangia Bene Catering as well as photographing Kim Kardashian.

We’ve been featured as one of Graphic Design USA’s 2013 People to Watch – the only Mississippians in the 50 year history of the magazine to do so. We were also featured as 2013 Power Couple in BOOM Magazine and in dozens of local, regional and international publications, including Smashing Magazine, an international graphic design publication based in Germany.

In some ways, this publicity is gratifying after all our hard work. However, as award winning storytellers and visual artists, it’s our duty to more accurately represent our beloved and beautiful Mississippi, while dispelling the negative caricature of our homeland that is believed by many.

It’s the left-behind pieces of any civilization that tell the stories of the souls it inhabited. It is in that spirit that we vowed to create a more accurate picture of our state through Mississippi2.

The soul and grit of Mississippi’s people has inspired the world. Our artists are legendary. The paradox of beauty and tragedy is part of the life blood of Mississippians. It flows through our veins, emerging in beautiful hues on canvases, soulful and unforgettable falsettos, ebbing and drifting like our mighty river and moving generations of many.

Mississippi2 is a platform for a rainbow of individuals to voice their opinions nationally, show their true colors and beauty of our state as well as take control of the stories being told about our land.

The logo is intentionally hard to read. As William Faulkner said, “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” We captured this concept in the design of Mississippi2 logo.

Let’s start a new narrative embracing both our beauty and our flaws, to better this land for the next generation. Pick up your instruments and join us. You can always drop me a line, or suggestion, at

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