Nature & Outdoors

Nature & Outdoors


Mississippi has plenty of fun outdoor activities for the visitor looking to explore the state's rich agricultural history. Navigate a corn maze, stay in a sharecropper's shack, go shrimping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or pick your own fruits and vegetables, just to name a few options. Our agriculture and its great heritage have not only flourished over the years, but have also produced a growing Agritourism industry exhibiting some of the most enticing and diverse attractions in the South. Where once cotton was king, now industries such as catfish farming and buffalo ranches, along with family farms, are springing up to extend Mississippi's warm southern hospitality as they welcome visitors. Here they can experience life on the farm and indulge themselves in a culture that has made this country great.


Perhaps Mississippi's fastest growing outdoor activity is biking. Two very popular bike rides are the Natchez Trace Parkway, which crisscrosses the state for 300 miles, and the Longleaf Trace, a 41-mile journey that is one of the nation's first Rails-to-Trails projects. The truly grand number of Mississippi bike trails can carry you through cities and towns, across the quiet country, through dense forests and even along the sea. The Mississippi River Trail (MRT as it's known) is a 200-year-old trail that stretches 3,000 miles through ten states, and from New Orleans to Memphis through Mississippi. The trail is designed for bicycling or walking and traverses the river itself at some points, allowing you to take in the majesty of the continent's longest river in a way you never thought possible. Mountain biking continues to grow rapidly in Mississippi. Delta and DeSoto National Forests both have miles of improved and rough trails.


Mississippi is a state covered in beautiful, bountiful wilderness, and what better way to experience the wilds than through camping in Mississippi. Multiple state parks and recreational facilities from the Gulf Coast to the northern state line give each visitor and many a restless resident the opportunity to experience the wonder of Mississippi's outdoors for themselves. Whether with just a tent or a full-on RV with all the amenities, Mississippi state parks and campsites have a place for everyone.

Canoe & Kayaking

As a natural paradise of true wilderness and adventure, Mississippi has many rivals and few equals. A great many waterways meander through the state's towering trees to serve as water-filled roads to excitement or relaxation, whichever you prefer. Thanks to its temperate climate, canoeing and kayaking in Mississippi are possible nearly year-round throughout its many parks and forestlands. With the state's many rivers, creeks and lakes, there are ample opportunities to experience the Magnolia State from a unique perspective. So grab a paddle, slip on a life preserver and slide onto the water for the adventure of a lifetime.


To the many lakes, rivers and various other bodies of water in Mississippi where fish might swim come enthusiastic fishermen ready to do battle with their aquatic prey. Oxbow lakes created by the New Madrid earthquake of 1811 and flood control lakes created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the vast Gulf of Mexico and innumerable natural lakes and rivers that dot the landscape, provide ample fishing opportunities for the casual or hardcore fisherman. From Mississippi River fishing to deep sea fishing, anglers will find what they're looking for right here. Our mild climate keeps the state ripe for fishing excursions year round, and the many game fish that thrive here are always ready to put up a fight. Over 175 different species of freshwater fish reside here in the state, not to mention the abundance of saltwater fish found in the Gulf.


Nature abounds throughout Mississippi, as its vast swaths of wilderness begrudgingly give way to the cities and towns that crop up from the Gulf to Tennessee. No matter your mood, Mississippi hiking options include a trail to meet your needs. The towering forests of the state are ripe with hiking trails for any visitor or resident. But trails may not be necessary, a compass and a stout pair of hiking boots can take you anywhere you want to go. Just head off into the wilds and let your senses soak in Mother Nature as she was meant to be.


The Mississippi outdoors is one of the state's greatest assets, and each year across the state, hunters migrate along with their prey to the wilderness that offers some of the greatest game hunting anywhere in the country. Thanks to massive conservation efforts, the game population within the borders of the state is healthy and productive, so Mississippi offers that hunting experience like no other. In Mississippi, there are 52 state-controlled Mississippi wildlife management areas, 11 national wildlife refuges and six national forests that allow Mississippi hunting in season. Truly, Mississippi's conservation efforts ensure that you will have an incredible hunting experience here. In addition to the state's governmentally-managed wildlife areas, there are private lands and commercial outfitters waiting to give you the opportunity to venture out on the hunt of a lifetime.


Mississippi features a wide variety of outdoor activities. Foremost among the natural venues for such pursuits are state and natural parks in Mississippi and many local parks. Discover the abundance of activities, historic sites and outdoor recreation that make our state and national parks a welcoming, family-oriented vacation destination. Mississippi's state parks are conveniently located along most major travel routes in the state. A reservation is just a click away, so put your mind at rest today, and reserve a visit to a Mississippi State Park.

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