Adding a POI to


Adding a Point-of-Interest, or POI to is easy. To begin, you’ll need to register as a user if you already don’t have a login or if you don’t have status as an editor.

To register, visit this link and then click “Register”.

Once you’re approved as an editor, you’ll be able to access the administration portion of the site to add your POI.


Add New POI

Hover over POIs in the menu then click Add New POI.

Set POI to Pending Review

Check the “Pending Review” box so your POI will be reviewed by our editors after you publish.

Add your POI title

Add your POI categories

In the right sidebar, check the boxes of the categories your POI belongs to. You may choose multiple categories.

Add a featured image

Click the gray box that reads “Set featured image” for this POI. This image will be the main image on your POI’s entry. On the window that pops up, click Upload Files.

Once your file is uploaded, click Set featured image for this POI in the upload files dialog box.

Leave Excerpt blank

Leave Featured set to “No”

Select a region

Add a text description

Click the “Start writing or type / to choose a block” and add a text description of your POI.

Add details

Start adding your POI details by clicking Add Row and choosing a detail such as address, phone, email website, hours and cost.

Add a search image

Click Add Image under Search Image to add an image that will appear as the thumbnail on the search page.

Example of where and how the image will appear on the search results

Add a gallery of images

Click the Add to Gallery button to add a gallery of images to your POI. Use the Bulk Actions button to sort your images automatically or click and drag to sort them manually.

Add a location

Start typing your POI’s address into the search for an Address input box then select your address.

Publish your POI

Double-check “Pending Review” is checked then click the Publish button in the top right hand corner. Our POI editors will then review your submission and publish it live.

Edit your POI

To make edits to your POI, click POIs in the main menu on the left then click edit below the POI you want to edit.