Things weren't always easy for the men of Mississippi State College in the years when the city outlawed alcohol and there was hardly a female to be found on campus. What were these strapping young men to do with nothing to drink and no one to talk to but themselves?

It was out of necessity, really, that Mayhew Junction was born, inspiring us all these years later to craft beers made for socializing and enjoying. You see, it was the small community of Mayhew that was the closest place the young State men could buy beer, and it was also halfway to the nearest concentration of those respectable members of the opposite sex at Mississippi University for Women. In those days, everyone met at the Crossroads. It was a match made in heaven, and that's what we're all about at Mayhew Junction Brewery. We're Starkville made but Mayhew inspired, always up for a cold beer and a warm conversation.

Our founders, above most all else, love great drinks and good people. Trail them on any of the brewery tours they frequent and you'll find them in the tasting room chatting up bartenders and making friends with whoever is sitting the next stool over. At Mayhew Junction, our concern is not for adhering to tradition and style or attempting to make the fanciest brew in the south. We just like highly-drinkable beer with highly-enjoyable company. We believe beer is for sharing. The best thing we hear about a new Mayhew beer? You told your friend to try it! We can't promise you'll find a date, but it only takes a sip to find your Mayhew Match.