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How To Slide Into The 2019 Slugburger Festival

July 9, 2019

First, let’s get one thing out of the way—a slugburger is not what the name suggests. This peculiar-sounding staple of northeast Mississippi cuisine dates to the Great Depression, when locals began adding extenders to meat. The patties, made of mixtures of soy, flour, pork and beef, were fried in oil and sandwiched between two pieces …

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Mississippi-Inspired Summer Cocktails

June 26, 2019

Mississippi-Inspired Summer Cocktails Cold, refreshing cocktails on a front porch, along with a fan and a good book, are a necessity during hot summers in the South.  Here are some of our favorites. The Honey Child @ReneeCooks Honeysuckle Watermelon Cooler Mississippi Bourbon Punch Mississippi Haymaker Mississippi Mule

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10 Best Live Music Venues in Mississippi

May 22, 2019

Mississippi is known as “The Birthplace of America’s Music,” and that title still holds true today. The state that produced talents such as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Jimmie Rodgers and many other music legends has some of the most unique music venues to catch the next big thing in Mississippi music. Here is …

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