Southern Prohibition…It’s a brewery.  A brewery created by people devoted to achieving excellence through process and tradition, while always questioning and improving upon those same fundamentals. A natural tension exists between these competing concepts, and balancing that duality defines who we are as a company.

We follow tried and true processes, because that’s what creates consistency – it always has. Without great, consistent craft beer Southern Prohibition does not exist. The devoted production crew, or “concrete walkers” as dubbed by our Head Brewer, strive for consistency in every beer that leaves our facility.  The job of our devoted sales team “carpet walkers” is simply to introduce it to our customers and support our distribution partners in whatever way possible.

While adherence to tradition is key, we fundamentally believe in evolution. We experiment. We make mistakes. We try new concepts to come up with the best results and the best data to drive our decision making. This is how new ideas happen and this is how we create the processes that make our beer uniquely Southern Prohibition.

The name is a daily reminder of the hurdles that exist as a craft brewery located in South Mississippi, the last frontier of craft beer. At SoPro, we always push the envelope to make our brand and industry better every day. We are passionate people coming together to create great craft beer, great careers, and a great way to explore and thrive in the industry that we love.