Biking During Your Family Trip to Mississippi

With its numerous engaging activities suitable for all ages, Mississippi makes a great destination for a family vacation. One of those family-friendly activities is cycling. Families can experience Mississippi first-hand as they explore scenic trails on two wheels. Acting as your tour guide, Visit Mississippi can help you plan your next family cycling trip. Here, we provide the inside scoop on the best biking trails you and your family should definitely check out.

Where to Ride

Throughout Mississippi, families will find an abundance of excellent cycling trails all at varying lengths and skill levels. Keeping in mind distance, safety, and amenities, we have selected the best trails appropriate for a family bike ride together. Trails you and your family will enjoy include:

Craft Road Bicycle Route

An excellent course for beginners and families, this route consists of 10.3 miles of relatively flat asphalt bicycle path. While on your journey, expect to see scenery ranging from golf courses to agricultural fields.

Lake and Back Bicycle Route

This unique trail begins in Hernando’s downtown area and then transitions into rural scenery. The Lake and Back Bicycle Route is 25.1 miles long with the Hernando Point campground as the halfway point. Here, guests can use the restroom facilities and fill up their water bottles for the second half of route.

Center Hill Road Bicycle Route

A great choice for families with more intermediate riders, this cycling route features an 8.4-mile loop of rolling hills. Riders can expect to see mainly rural views on this trail, as well as a couple of the area’s public schools where the trailheads are located.

Bayou Point Mountain Bike Trail

For the thrill-seekers in your family, Bayou Point Mountain Bike Trail is a 5.6-mile-long single-track course for mountain bikes only. Riders can expect fast and flowing sections of the course, as well as tight and technical portions. More advanced riders in the family can try their skills with various obstacles such as logs, rocks, jumps, and drops. Full restrooms with running water are available.

Great River Road Bike Trail

With its relatively flat terrain, this bike path is an ideal choice for novice riders and families. Along the way, riders can stop at DeSoto River Park, the area’s only access to the Mississippi River, to take in views of the Mighty Mississippi.

Tips for Cycling Safety

While we want you and your family to thoroughly enjoy your visit, our top priority is always the safety of our guests. To ensure your family remains safe while you explore the various cycling trails in the Magnolia State, we have comprised a list of best practices, such as:

  • Remember to wear a helmet: Wearing a helmet and ensuring everyone in your group is wearing one is an extremely important safety tip. According to Cleveland Clinic, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries to cyclists by as much as 85%.
  • Double-check your equipment beforehand: Over time, your bicycle equipment can wear down, causing it to malfunction. It is important to remember to double check your equipment before beginning your ride to help prevent accidents.
  • Eliminate any distractions: Just like in an automobile, distracted riding can lead to serious injuries. Do your best to limit your distractions as you ride.
  • Stay on the dedicated paths: It can be easy to want to deviate from the designed bicycle path to get a better view of Mississippi’s beautiful outdoors. However, the paths are designed for your safety. Going off course can be unsafe and may cause injuries.

Plan a Family Cycling Trip with Visit Mississippi

If you and your family are visiting Mississippi and love the outdoors, try adding cycling to your itinerary. Mississippi has some of the most beautiful trails for your family to enjoy. Visit Mississippi can help you plan your family cycling trip by recommending which trails you should ride, along with other things to do during your stay. For more information on the various bike trails to enjoy on your family cycling trip in Mississippi, please contact us today. Let us help you plan your next trip to Mississippi.