Canoeing and Kayaking the Mississippi River

Travelers love visiting Mississippi for its beautiful weather, famous cuisine, Southern hospitality, and gorgeous landscape. Mississippi is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with an abundance of opportunities to take in the natural beauty of this state, including canoeing and kayaking. Visit Mississippi will be your tour guide if you are up for the challenge of kayaking the Mississippi River. We can provide guidance on access points and detail what you should know before you begin your journey.

Experiencing the Famous Mississippi River

Mississippi is home to a vast array of scenic and adventurous bodies of water that are excellent for exploring, but none are more famous than the Mighty Mississippi. Given its long-standing symbolism in American history, the Mississippi River offers visitors a unique kayaking experience.

The Mississippi River is called the Mighty Mississippi for a good reason — it flows 2,340 miles from beginning to end. For early settlers, the Mississippi played a crucial role in expanding the colonies. Settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains could not easily transport their goods to markets on the East Coast. Instead, they utilized the river’s route and moved items using canoes. These settlements would not have been sustainable without access to the Mississippi River.

As the river plays a pivotal role in American history, paddlers can get a taste of the past by kayaking down the Mississippi. Journey the same routes early settlers used to transport their goods.

Popular Launch, Landing, and Access Points

As the river forms the entire western border of Mississippi, there are several popular launch points from which paddlers can begin their journeys. These sites feature attractions and other fun things to do in Mississippi during your visit. Destinations with access to the Mississippi River include:

Vicksburg, MS

Due to its proximity to the Mississippi River, Vicksburg is an excellent launching and landing spot. West Vicksburg rests along the river, boasting incredible views of its majesty. After your adventure, check out the city and enjoy all it has to offer.

Guests can become even more acquainted with the Mississippi River by touring the Jesse Brent Lower Mississippi River Museum and Interpretive Site, which gives visitors a glimpse at what life is like along the river. After a long day on the water, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many local eateries Vicksburg has to offer.

Natchez, MS

Another great place to access the Mighty Mississippi is Natchez. The city’s border rests alongside the Mississippi River, and its downtown area sits on a 200-foot bluff above the river. Once you’ve got your fill of the Mississippi, your adventure isn’t over, as Natchez offers plenty more attractions to explore. Check out the local shops or keep the expedition going by visiting one of Natchez’s beautiful parks.

Remember to Stay Safe

While some areas of the Mississippi River are calm, other spots possess unique challenges for paddlers. To stay safe on the Mighty Mississippi, we recommend paddlers follow these safety tips:

  • Plan a trip within your capabilities: Before taking on the Mississippi, ask yourself if you are ready. Evaluate your skills to ensure you will be safe and enjoy your time on the water.
  • Pack essential safety equipment: In an emergency, it is vital to have the necessary safety equipment available, such as a communication device, whistle, and first-aid kit.
  • Pack appropriate attire: Mississippi’s weather can be unpredictable at times. If you or others in your group wish to remain dry, it is wise to pack some rain gear for inclement weather.
  • Don’t go alone: Visitors unfamiliar with the area should never venture out on the Mississippi alone. Ask a friend or family member if they would be willing to take the journey with you.

Plan a Kayaking Trip in Mississippi

Adventure awaits travelers in Mississippi. Test your skills as you paddle along the Mississippi River. Visit Mississippi offers guests recommendations on popular access points to begin their kayaking trip and other fun activities to help them round out their Mississippi vacations. Contact us today to learn more about kayaking or canoeing in Mississippi. Let us help you plan your trip to Mississippi.