College Football Gamedays: Delta State

Gameday in Mississippi: Delta State

Mississippi fans approach college football games with a passion bordering on religious fervor. Saturdays in the South are often planned around football schedules from September to November’s end. Teams may win or lose games, but Mississippi always triumphs at tailgating.

The home games for SEC football teams often achieve national attention, both for the zeal of the fans and for the size of their pregame soirees. But when it comes to the action both on and off the field, Mississippi colleges and universities are a great place to enjoy the fierce rivalries on the gridiron, and the fun and inviting tailgating experience.

Visitors to any of our universities will want to experience Mississippi’s distinctive tailgating styles. Here are a few tips to help you tackle a football weekend in Mississippi:

The Mascots

Delta State University’s official mascot is the Statesman and its unofficial mascot is the Fighting Okra, created in the 1980s by students with a sense of humor who thought the Statesman was not particularly frightening. To marry the two mascots, the slogan “Respect the Statesman. Fear the Okra” was born. You’ll see the slogan in a variety of places on game days.

What to Wear

Delta State Crowd (SMALLER)

Casual attire and T-shirts depicting one or both of DSU’s mascots are perfectly acceptable on game days.

Tailgating Style

Delta State Tailgate (SMALLER)

The Levee, an area on the West end of Horace L. McCool Stadium is the new spot to tailgate at DSU. The athletics department rents picnic tables to tailgating groups, who bring their own spread of food complete with lots of Southern fare, including the divine Mississippi Sin Dip. At the end of every game, win or lose, the football team gives high fives to everyone along the fence of the stadium.

Off-Campus Place to Be

The Airport Grocery

For a snack/meal/libation pre- or post-game, check out Hey Joe’s for burgers and craft beer or Airport Grocery for authentic Mississippi Delta hot tamales as well as barbeque. Both restaurants have a music-centric vibe.