Lazy Magnolia Brewery

“In 2005, we built the first Mississippi packaging brewery since prohibition. The memory of sitting on top of the brewhouse for the first time is still fresh in our minds. We had tears of joy, pride, anticipation, and no small amount of terror streaming down our faces. Our hard work was inspired by our love and belief in Mississippi. Many of you have since come together to create a growing craft beer industry and blossoming craft beer culture in Mississippi.

Tens of thousands of you have enjoyed our beers and shared your stories of how you discovered craft beer, how we inspired you, and how craft beer has become a part of favorite memories and improved your lives. We live in constant amazement at the impact Lazy Magnolia has had during our first ten years. It seems like such a short time. We look forward to the next ten and invite you to join us in that journey.

See y’all at the party. Cheers!”

Website: https://www.lazymagnolia.com/