Mississippi Book Festival

Mississippi Book Festival

Literary legends are made in Mississippi. Since 2015, the Mississippi State Capital in Jackson has been the stage for a literary lawn party where authors, publishers, educators, booksellers, librarians, and bibliophiles have come to celebrate the craft and the influence of Mississippi writers on the Magnolia States’s cultural heritage. It’s a celebration of both authors and their works set against the backdrop of the Capital building, inviting attendees to explore the rich history of the state and the diversity of talent that has found their inspiration here.

This one-day event in August turns in-door rooms at the Capitol and nearby Galloway Church into public spaces where panelists discuss in-depth themes, connecting authors with fans and new readers alike. The grounds and the streets between become a marketplace for booksellers, while the Capitol Rotunda becomes a meeting place for conversation and community.

Event panels range in topics from explorations of themes in Young Adult literature and the tools for developing poetry, to conversations with well-known authors about the inspiration for their work, and the experiences of first-time authors as they navigate the process of publication. Panels are held in multiple locations throughout the day and are always free to the public.

Self-published authors can take their place on Authors Alley, an outdoor hub for readers to find new and up-coming writers to meet with and to explore their work. It’s a unique opportunity to match fans with writers who share their interests, or to branch out and try new works that ignite their imagination. 

This family-friendly event is fully of interactive fun, a kids tent for young and beginning readers to start their literary journey, informational tours of the Capitol building, and local food vendors to give visitors a taste of local cuisine. It’s an all-day festival that is truly made for the whole family.