Mississippi Trail Guide for Hikers

Mississippi is home to some of the most scenic hiking trails in the South. With routes ranging from easy and family-friendly to more adventurous and challenging, our state can accommodate all those who wish to experience the great outdoors first-hand. Let Visit Mississippi be your tour guide as you plan your next hiking trip – we will recommend trails worth checking out and provide insights on some of the things you should expect on your journey.

Great Hiking Trails Throughout Mississippi

With natural beauty that includes savannahs, prairies, and a gorgeous coastline, Mississippi offers visitors one-of-a-kind hiking experiences. Trails we recommend include:

Clark Creek Primitive Trail

Considered a moderately challenging route, this trail is perfect for hikers who wish to work up a sweat while also getting plenty of opportunities to take in gorgeous views. The 4.3-mile loop trail is near Woodville, MS, and typically takes just over 2 hours to complete. In addition to hiking, the area is excellent for bird watching and fishing. Guests are welcome to visit this path year-round.

Bear Creek Outcropping Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for an easy way to experience nature should check out this lovely 1.8-mile loop located near Dennis, MS. With an average time to complete the trail at just around 40 minutes, hikers can begin their day with a walk through nature and still have plenty of time to experience other local attractions. For a more challenging hiking experience, try climbing the rocks located along the trail.

Clark Creek Improved Trail

Beautiful to visit any time of year, this 2.8-mile loop is situated near Woodville, MS, and offers hikers an excellent outdoor challenge. Typically taking just over an hour to complete, guests will enjoy taking in the sights, such as waterfalls and creek beds. Be prepared for elevation changes and a few obstacles along this route. Should you forget any supplies, there is a general store located just before the parking area.

Tuxachanie Trail

This 12.6-mile point-to-point trail is a great option for families interested in spending the day outdoors. Signs posted along the way offer a brief history of the area. At a little over four hours to complete, this popular route is great for walking and running.

Planning for a Hike

Hiking in Mississippi state parks and other areas is a fun and relaxing way to experience the great outdoors with family and friends or even to just get in some alone time. One of the best advantages of hiking is being able to explore the places many roads can’t reach. For this reason, it’s important to always be prepared. Visit Mississippi offers the following tips for your next hike:

Photo Credit: Tom Beck

What You Should Pack

Because you are going to be carrying everything you pack for your hike, it is important to bring only the essentials. Things you may want to consider packing include:

  • Navigation tools: If you are traveling from out of town and are unfamiliar with the area, it’s wise to pack reliable navigational tools, such as a map, a compass, or a GPS.
  • Drinking water: Perhaps the most essential item to pack is water. Make sure to bring enough to last while you’re on the go. Whether it is cold or hot outside, properly hydrating your body is crucial.
  • Safety items: Packing a first-aid kit may be the difference between having an enjoyable hike or one that ends abruptly. Your first-aid kit should include bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, and any other items you think you might need during your hike.

What You Should Wear

What you choose to wear on your excursion can significantly impact your hiking experience. The wrong shoes may lead to sore feet, while heavy pants may result in an uncomfortable journey. Proper hiking attire includes:

  • Appropriate footwear
  • UV-protective attire, if necessary
  • Easily visible layers
  • Breathable fabrics

What You Should Eat Before a Hike

Engaging in any kind of physical activity, such as hiking, requires a good amount of energy. Our bodies require fuel before and during a hike to replenish the energy used. The American Heart Association suggests eating at least two hours before exercising.

Plan Your Next Hiking Trip in Mississippi

Those looking for a solo outdoor adventure or a family-friendly outing in the great outdoors can find both in Mississippi. Visit Mississippi offers locals and travelers recommendations on popular access points and other fun activities to help them plan their excursions. Contact us today to learn more about the excellent hiking trails in Mississippi.