How To Slide Into The 2019 Slugburger Festival

First, let’s get one thing out of the way—a slugburger is not what the name suggests.


This peculiar-sounding staple of northeast Mississippi cuisine dates to the Great Depression, when locals began adding extenders to meat. The patties, made of mixtures of soy, flour, pork and beef, were fried in oil and sandwiched between two pieces of bread. They often sold for a nickel, then commonly called a “slug.” Also known as doughburgers, today you’ll find them in diners throughout the region served on a white bun with pickles, chopped onion and mustard.

Fascination with slugburgers reaches fever pitch at the annual Slugburger Festival in Corinth, named one of America’s “Wackiest Summer Events” by Trip Advisor. And the surprises go beyond the marquee fried food. Click here for more info

Getting hungry to try one for yourself? Spend July 11-13, 2019 sampling the best of the best at the Slugburger Festival in Corinth.


Here’s this year’s Slugburger Festival lineup:

Friday July 12th-

Voice Idol-6:00

The Mustache Band


Saturday July 13th

Ladye Sundown

Jacked Lightening- featuring Ernie Welch

Headliner Skyleor Anderson


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