Mighty Miss. Brewing Co. is proud to be the first and only brewery in the Mississippi Delta.  Located in Greenville, Mississippi, just blocks from the river and in the heart of the Delta, our mission is to create beer that is rich in flavor and that flows smooth and strong like the river they grew up on.

​The Delta region is known for significant cultural contributions to America, particularly music – Blues, Rock and Country Western. We derive a great amount of pride from the surroundings out of which we arose, with a brand that gives a subtle nod to this unique setting and beer that is as rich as the fertile ground of the Delta.

Starting with four initial brews, our clean and smooth beer reflects our brand, our image, and who we are.  We are dedicated to our product and to providing an experience our customers will never forget. In addition, we consider it our mission to play a vital role in our community, our region and our state. We know you'll enjoy what we have created along the spectrum of craft beer.