A Stroka Gene-US Alpacas

Have you ever had the chance to see an alpaca up close and personal? If not, you should make time to take an alpaca farm tour in Mississippi and see what alpacas are all about. Alpacas are a member of the camelid family that originated in South America, and they look a lot like small llamas. At A Stroka Gene Us Alpacas, we love alpacas, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to see why they are such interesting animals by offering tours at our alpaca farm in Mississippi. Whether you just want to bring your kids and their friends, or you want to take one of our larger alpaca group tours, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself when you visit us here at A Stroka Gene Us Alpacas.

The alpaca farm tours that we provide are filled with lots of fun for kids and adults alike. During an alpaca tour, you will learn a lot about the unique and curious alpacas we keep on our alpaca farm in Mississippi. You will also be able to feed the alpacas and learn how their luxurious fiber is turned into yarn. Additionally, you will get to make a wet felted soap during your tour that you can take home and use in the shower. 

To book a tour at  A Stroka Gene Us Alpacas farm in Mississippi, give us a call. Our alpaca farm tours run for approximately one hour and cost $5 per person. We know that you will enjoy yourself on our alpaca tours and leave with all the information you need to know about alpacas. Visitors young and old have fallen in love with alpacas after visiting A Stroka Gene Us Alpacas, and we’re sure that you will have a great time during your experience.

A Stroka Gene-US Alpacas

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