The Lewis Ranch, Home of Jerry Lee Lewis

The Killer’s, Jerry Lee Lewis’, home is referred to as “The Lewis Ranch” – a popular draw for visitors. The Lewis Ranch invites small group tours, which creates an intimate, unrushed experience with a behind the scenes look at Jerry Lee’s music and his life. The Lewis Ranch is unlike any other rock museum or attraction. The Lewis Ranch has been Jerry Lee Lewis’ private getaway for decades. This is the place where he composes his music—and spends time with his family. Now he’s opened the doors once again to give fans a look at the life of a rock ‘n’ roll legend. The Killer and his family still spend much of their time at the Ranch, and he still invites musicians over to jam, collaborate and create new songs.

Each tour lasts approximately one hour. Purchase tickets online or by phone.


1595 Malone Rd.
Nesbit, MS 38651







The Lewis Ranch, Home of Jerry Lee Lewis

Nesbit, MS