1262 Eastside Lake
Glen Allan, MS 38744





Our Mission at Esperanza Outdoors is to provide our clients with a unique Mississippi Delta experience by sharing the woods, water, wildlife and cuisine of Linden Plantation and Mississippi.

Our Vision is to enhance and preserve the historical homes, farm land, woods, water, wildlife and cuisine of the Lake Washington area, Linden Plantation and the Mississippi Delta, through the entertainment and education of our friends and clients. 

Esperanza Outdoors is headquartered at Linden Plantation, the ancestral home of Mr. P.L. Mann. Our property is comprised of the lands around Yazoo Wildlife Refuge and Lake Washington. We offer outdoorsmen a unique hunting experience as well as a wide array of outdoor recreational activities. Whether hunting waterfowl and upland birds, hog hunting in hardwood bottoms, experiencing the Mississippi river for the first time or exploring the cypress banks of an oxbow lake, you will experience the best of the Southern outdoors.

When you are not in the field, you and your companions will experience the ambiance and charm of plantation life in the Mississippi Delta.  Spend your time at Linden enjoying veranda sunsets over beautiful Lake Washington, gourmet meals on fine china or visiting in the well appointed living room and library. Travel back in time amid the hand painted scenes from around the lake that have adorned the walls of the main hall since the early 1900’s.

Come join us at Linden Plantation for a truly unique wing shooting opportunity in our majestic Mississippi Delta.