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We offer a day of hunting activities beginning at day break with a guided Mississippi duck hunt in flooded timber, harvested grain field, or a Delta wetland. Walk with your duck hunting guide across a harvested grain field beneath a grey winter sky (with one of MS Delta dogs water-drenched Labs at your side) on hunting property that is maintained to prime conservation standards. Enjoy a guided Mississippi duck hunting morning in the pit or sled blind with a skilled guide whose Southern manners and the warm friendliness that resides beneath will put you at ease and who is eager to share duck hunting tips, migration information, and the most effective call techniques. You’re a novice – no worries, by the end of your trip our guys will have you feeling like an expert on how to hunt ducks. Our duck hunting spots include some of the most popular and best duck hunting holes available located in waterfowl areas that we believe in. It’ll make you glad that you’ve left the stresses of everyday life behind and feeling privileged to have been a part of the Delta-waterfowl experience.