Tamale Trail

Hot Tamale Trail in the Mississippi Delta

Spanning 200 miles, the Mississippi Delta region is home to acres of sprawling farmland and plains, cotton plants, civil rights and blues history, plenty of catfish, and every local’s favorite snack – the hot tamale. From restaurant kitchens to food trucks, chefs in the Mississippi Delta are always whipping up this pocket-sized combination of spiced cornmeal and meat, and those traveling through the region are encouraged to taste these sensational flavors for themselves by making a few stops along the Hot Tamale Trail.

The History of the Hot Tamale Trail

In the Mississippi Delta, hot tamales are believed to be first introduced in the early 20th century, but exactly how may always remain a mystery. Some believe that these delectable treats first made their way to the region during the Mexican-American War, which took place from April 1846 to February 1848. Others credit the hot tamale’s arrival to the migrant laborers from Mexico working cotton harvests in the area, while it is also thought that the original recipe might have roots with Mississippi’s Native Americans.

Today, the Hot Tamale Trail in the Mississippi Delta not only celebrates the history hot tamales share with our state, but it also enables visitors and locals alike to find eateries providing them on their menus. Throughout the region, no two hot tamale recipes are alike, and along the Hot Tamale Trail, you can find variations that feature pork, beef, or turkey, corn flour instead of corn meal, and toppings like chili and cheese.

Where to Find Hot Tamales in MS

When you’re in the Mississippi Delta, the Hot Tamale Trail is always nearby. Be sure to taste the region’s favorite snack at some of the locations along the trail, such as:

  • Abe’s Bar-B-Q (Clarksdale, MS)
  • Airport Grocery (Cleveland, MS)
  • Big Apple Inn (Jackson, MS)
  • Bourbon Mall (Bourbon, MS)
  • Delta Fast Food (Cleveland, MS)
  • Doe’s Eat Place (Greenville, MS)
  • Ervin’s Hot Tamales (Sledge, MS)
  • Ground Zero Blues Club (Clarksdale, MS)
  • Hicks’ Famous Hot Tamales and More (Clarksdale, MS)
  • Hot Tamale Heaven (Greenville, MS)
  • Joe’s Hot Tamale Place, a.k.a. The White Front Café (Rosedale, MS)
  • John’s Homestyle Hot Tamales (University, MS)
  • Maria’s Famous Hot Tamales (Greenville, MS)
  • Meals on Wheels Hot Tamales and Tacos (Yazoo City, MS)
  • Reno’s Café (Greenwood, MS)
  • Scott’s Hot Tamales (Greenville, MS)
  • Solly’s Hot Tamales (Vicksburg, MS)
  • Stewart’s Quick Mart (Cleveland, MS)
  • And more

Feed Your Hot Tamale Cravings in Mississippi

If you’ll be visiting the Mississippi Delta region, you won’t have to look far for great eats, including the chance to sample these beloved delicacies on the Hot Tamale Trail. For more information about Southern food trails in Mississippi, other food and drink establishments to try, or attractions to include on your itinerary, contact Visit Mississippi today.

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