Vicksburg National Military Park

Commemorating one of the Civil War’s pivotal campaigns, Vicksburg National Military Park is arguably Mississippi’s most renowned historical attraction. Confederate President Jefferson Davis himself referred to Vicksburg as the “nailhead that holds the South’s two halves together,” and there’s no better way to explore the significant role the city played throughout the Civil War than by discovering the park’s many attractions firsthand. Vicksburg National Military Park is jam-packed with attractions that serve as a testament to the location’s prominent place in American history. More than 1,400 memorial monuments, tablets and markers dot the 1,800-acre park to honor soldiers who served on both sides of the Civil War. The park also features an impressive 20 miles of trenches and earthworks that have been reconstructed to reflect days gone by. The USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum are also located within the park, enabling visitors to view the restored vessel, along with Civil War-era artifacts recovered during the boat’s excavation.

The military park’s scenic, and often hilly, roads are popular with cyclists and walkers. Cycling, including the use of e-bikes, is permitted on park roads and parking lots only.


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Vicksburg National Military Park

Vicksburg, MS

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