Birding & Wildlife Viewing

For bird watchers and wildlife photographers, Mississippi is one of the most highly regarded destinations in America. Wildlife lovers can venture deep into wilderness retreats at state wildlife management areas, national forests, national parks and national wildlife refuges. Spring and fall migrations bring many species of waterfowl and Neotropical songbirds to the Mississippi Flyway. Mississippi also has numerous festivals and events centered on birding and wildlife viewing. Visit the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, which hosts the annual Hummingbird Migration Celebration and Festival, one of the largest nature festivals in the southeast. Elsewhere, the Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail (MCBT) includes a web-based system that guides bird watchers to the best sites for spotting a diverse range of 389 bird species across the six-county coastal region. Avid birders should also make note to attend one of Tara Wildlife’s nature and birding events.