Geocaching is the latest form of treasure hunting that incorporates the latest technology. GPS is used to find hidden treasures, called “caches,” all over the world. There are over 8,000 active caches hidden within the state of Mississippi. Whether you are on the Gulf Coast, in the Delta, on the banks of the Tombigbee, or walking down State Street in the capital city–chances are good that a cache is waiting nearby.

Not familiar with geocaching? Visit and watch this video to learn more about it.

Try these geocaching challenges in Mississippi:

Desoto County Challenge

Mississippi Blues Trail Geocaching Challenge:
The Mississippi Blues Trail was established to recognize the our state’s role in the creation of a style of music known as the "Mississippi Blues" or simply "the Blues." Many musicians acquired fame, and sometimes fortune, playing this style of music as fans around the world embrace this distinctive sound.

The Blues Trail markers are located throughout the five regions of our state. The markers are located in places of historical sites that are significance to our blues music heritage, and each marker recounts a specific event or person in blues history. The vast majority of these markers are in the Delta region in the northwest part of the state, which is widely regarded as the birthplace of the blues.

The Mississippi Blues Trail Geocaching Challenge involves visiting those Blues Trail markers scattered throughout the state of Mississippi and beyond. Participating sites include Tupelo, Columbus, Jackson, Holly Springs, Cleveland, Clarksdale, the University of Mississippi, Aberdeen, Meridian, Vicksburg and more.  For a complete list of markers, visit the Mississippi Blues Trail.

Mississippi Blues Trail Geocaching Challenge Requirements

Meeting the challenge requires visiting 50 Blues Trail Markers and locating the hidden geocaches at (or near) many of these blues markers. You’ll find a listing of the current blues trail caches at Mississippi Blues Caches.

After you find 50 Mississippi Blues Trail Caches, sign the logbooks at each, then return to and log your find online.  Premium Geocaching members will need to create a bookmark list of the 50 Mississippi Blues Trail caches found and email the completed list to with their name, address and phone number to receive their free geocoin. Non-Premium Geocaching members will need to create a list of the 50 Mississippi Blues Trail caches found and email the completed list to with their name, address and phone number to receive the free geocoin.

Some of the requirements involve finding caches located near the markers. After completing the requirements, the final cache must be found and logged to complete the challenge. At the listed coordinates, you will find an ammo can; however you MUST complete the challenge requirements for it to qualify as a legitimate find. Logs posted as found without verification of the challenge completion are subject to log deletion.

If you have technical questions about the caches along the trail, please contact Lacey at