Nature Tours & Museums

In Mississippi, you can still trace the trails where dinosaurs once roamed, the first Native American settlers created thriving agricultural societies and explorers like Hernando DeSoto heralded the arrival of European civilization. The history of Mississippi is more than people, places and historic events. Mississippi’s natural history is carefully collected and preserved through its many museums and conservatories. Simply choose your era, and take a stroll through time. The nature museums of Mississippi are perfect for family outings offering visitors of all ages an exciting glimpse into the flora and fauna of our state from its earliest beginnings to the present day.

From the Gulf Coast, to the woods, hills and plains that lie to the north, the lure of nature can be felt throughout the state, calling anyone with a love for natural splendor. While much of our state is open for you to explore on your own, our guides and professional experts can help you find hidden gems and remote vistas that are waiting off the beaten trail.  With each excursion—from in-depth trail hikes to seafaring coastal exploration—our tours, charters and festivals will ensure a great time for all.