Trip Planner for Mississippi Vacations

Map your own route through Mississippi. From weekend getaways to extended stays, one of the easiest ways to plan your trip is by using our online vacation planner. Trip Planner automatically builds your vacation itinerary in real-time as you earmark hotels, restaurants, landmarks, and events. At Visit Mississippi, we're here to take some of the work out of planning your destination vacation to the Magnolia State.

Keep Your Travel Plans All in One Place

Whether you're road-tripping through the state, hitting all the hot spots along the way, or going on a romantic weekend getaway for two, Trip Planner makes gathering information a snap:

      1. Find points of interest on our website
      2. Add them to your iteneary
      3. Review your list

As you discover things to do and places to stay, keep a lookout for the "Add To Trip" icons. When you come across a must-see attraction, click the “Add to Trip” button to send it to your vacation planner. Much like an online shopping cart, the map icon at the top of the screen shows the number of places you've added. Simply click the icon to review and edit your list.

Add Points of Interest to Your Custom Route

Our website is packed with food, lodging, and activity suggestions and has a full calendar of events. Plus, our blog can serve as your go-to resource for vacation inspiration, with collections ranging from top spots for date night to lists of tourist attractions on and off the beaten path.

Are you ready for adventure? Outdoor enthusiasts can plan an action-packed getaway filled with hikes, kayaking, and camping, and sports lovers can add baseball games, golf courses, and the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame to their list of places to cover. Don't forget to map out all the pubs, clubs, and restaurants that will feed your appetite for Mississippi-style fare, and be sure to pinpoint some downtown destinations to check out.

If you're in town for culture and entertainment, add stops along the Mississippi Blues Trail to your vacation planner, and check out some of the headliners that will be in town during your stay. You can also map out architectural gems, museums, and other historical locations that honor the rich history of the Magnolia State, which includes our deep blues and country music heritage.

E-mail Your Trip to Yourself

Once you’ve finished mapping out your Mississippi vacation, your custom route will be filled with everything you want to see and do during your stay. Each item on your list is color-coded for at-a-glance planning, and the map alongside your list pinpoints the places you've added, making it easy to visualize locations and driving times.

After the planning stage is complete, you can send your custom vacation itinerary directly to your inbox. Inside the e-mail, you'll find a wealth of helpful details about each stop you've pinned, including:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Event dates
  • Admission costs
  • Website URL

When you're ready to buy those concert tickets or book your hotel, all the information you need will be at your fingertips. If you've included blog posts about special areas in the state, they will also be included in the e-mail with a link so that you can review them later.

Plot Out Vacation Spots in Mississippi Today

Make vacation planning simpler with Trip Planner. At Visit Mississippi, we also offer a tour guide to help you get started. For additional information, contact us today.


You can look below for links to our Blog Features or inspiration from selected points of interest around the state.

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